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I recently discovered Irving Penn while doing research for a Slovak photographer which I will showcase in a future article of the series. Irving was born in Plainfield, New Jersey, in 1917 to a family of Russian Jews. He attended the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art from 1934 to 1938. He studied under Alexey Brodovitch drawing and painting. In the 1950's he started his own studio in New York and began making advertising photographs. Around the same time he married model Lisa Fonssagrives.

Irving Penn / 16 June 1917 - 7 October 2009
Parents / Herry Pen and Sonia Greenberg
Spouse / Lisa Fonssagrives (1950)
Children / Tom Penn (1952)
School / Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art
           period / 1934- 1938
           professors / Alexey Brodovitch

He is best known for his fashion photographs done for Vogue magazine however he also pursued different themes. For example his interesting series of celebrity portraits or his still life works.

Nadja Auermann

1947 - Salad Ingredients

1947 - Salvador Dali in New York 20 February


Passing Thought : Iran - West deal

When I began my studies of the Persian language back in 2010, motivated by the desire to understand Iranian culture, I unsurprisingly became witness to its present. The artistic treasures I have seen forever enriched my soul while the standoff between the Islamic Republic and the West helped me to better understand the political climate of the world.

Iran and the West are on the verge of paving a very productive road for both sides, something I first suspected last year when the deteriorating relation between Russia and the US made Iran a country courted by most world powers. In the long run things will translate in better living conditions for its people and more exposure in the EU and US, both culturally and economically. On the other hand the West never did like to play fair and probably Iran will renounce part of its sovereignty regarding nuclear research.